At The Idyll's End

by Gustave Tiger

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released May 9, 2014

produced by Gustave Tiger:

Szurcsik Erika (v) - Dorozsmai Gergő (g/v) - Mezősi Péter (d) - Szabó Csaba (b/v)

recorded at Tom-Tom Studio, Budapest 2014

music: Gustave Tiger
lyrics: Gergő: 1, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14 Csaba: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12

album cover by Szurcsik Erika


all rights reserved


Track Name: At The Idyll's End (with Azalia Snail)
(rewritten by Dorozsmai Gergő from the original by Arthur Rimbaud)

now thats what in the end we need

a sun that says his dull farewell

fair soldiers who on centuries feed

run under make the horizon bleed

this storm bathes animal hides in blood

on hounds and shepherds blackness feeds

a blonde flock is this sulphur flood

begets wolf-cubs and wilder seeds

and curling roots, a mass of dusk

see ancient Europe teem with herds

the moon crows on a barren tusk

loud victors raise their heads in lust

strumming on pebbles the proud band rides

o will I see fat hills defiled

her charmed eyes and his flushed cheeks

the Lamb that lies before their feet,

will I see Michel, Christine,

and Christ lie at the Idyll's end

will I see Michel, Christine

and Christ lie at the Idyll's end
Track Name: Desdemona In Tashkent
On the elephant’s spine
In Tyndarium
See me blurry

My senile usurper
It’s a dithyrambic

Nora, Floria - selig, wie die Sonne,
Hedda, Rostova - amphoras infinite
The nieces of the cardinal been lauding all my virtues
Superba, Skylark dearest, I am he who seekest

Centuries of gallantry refutes all heresies
Vermeil sunset in the garden of the Luxembourg
Daughter of Schonaeus, heir of Schultingius
Don’t bury me here in Tashkent with your sweet jacobine verve
Track Name: Gourgandine Simaitha
The aardwolf and the gourgandine
Travelling to Batroumine

War note of Lochiel
Under the arches of the cosmic glare
I’m unknown, a poetaster
Like the Tremulous Hand of Worcester
With Ptolemy and Pope Sylvester
Charioting in a supercluster
With Ptolemy and Pope Sylvester
Charioting in a supercluster
Track Name: Sister Sybarite
You see Coligny defenestrated and wonder how
fast things change
Bring on the noble swan, bring on the servile man
My ladies-in-waiting devouring equine flesh
Queen Rabia rode out of Persia, the mute lioness
stood before the judges
Parian marble maid, heretic like the Sun
It was the sullen wind, clarion call of spring
Oh, Sister Sybarite, you triste albatross, oh, we only are all ephemeros
Track Name: Lady Into Fox
Eyes, hyena eyes, diadem of queens under saharan skies
Turned the lady into fox
Turned the man into superfluous
Turned me megaloschemos
Turned me megaloschemos
These hyena eyes
Track Name: Imperial Bride
Down another, less strong each time
Walls bake up three thousand watts lights
Fire up behind my brain
I'm in circuit I'm telly blue
Used to be with 5 others now I live in a ball
Out rods of steel heaped
Out no union rats
Out work is done

It is imperial soot & slime
Pride of a million able bodies

Chewed up and with a taste for bitters
Still there are two bridges to go
Barges rusting in stale black water
Housing scheme behind the fence
Moves silently and very fast

It is imperial soot & slime
Pride of a million able bodies
Ships feed the imperial bride
Churns out gold the imperial bride
Track Name: Clitoris Crucifix
The fallen god of tennis clubs
Lives near the Pamphylia bay
In a tower built of narwhal bones
And he sings all day:
Clitoris Crucifix
Track Name: Virgin Shepherdess Undressed
I am predynastic, you are posthomeric
I am clair et vermeil, you're a débile imitateur
Virgin shepherdess undressed, virgin shepherdess dead
These are the paintings I only ever had
Socratic reprobates, irritate not the tiger
Enter the brute herds while I into the untold ride

Glory is obtained by valour and prudence, every death is a choking death
Shall we libel Francis David? Shall we libel Francis David?
Track Name: Mary Of The Seas
Your conquering will
I embrace love and eat
My smooth limbs of azure
Feel their way up your fears

I am Mary of the seas
Come tremble I open your way
Deeper than your faith
I await you

Pour into me your silver
Your gold horses and men
I promised lands of fire
I promised you conquest

I am Mary of the seas
Come tremble
I open your way
Deeper than your faith
I await you
I await you
Track Name: Covet To Die
A toy car circling
Concrete frozen Monday night
Face glass walls
Screech comes of
Uneasy I take deep hits
Polite punk for hard cash
He serves me my one weekday drink
I'm easy all too cheap n I forget everything they say

Covet to die
Covet to die alone

Is this precise enough for you?
Soft scum 014, I'm all thrashed up inside
Track Name: Spes Deorum
Abstemius superintendent
spes Deorum, spes Deorum
Track Name: Good Times, King James
Good times, King James, good times
Track Name: A sors féltett gyermeke
A sors féltett gyermeke örömöm teljes
Szilánkkal szórtam be kontinensem partját
Sugárnyaláb vagyok képcsőben megfagyott
Langyos tó fölött hullasárga szél
Édes fonálban farkas szíve dobog
Lépésed kőszén gyomromig zuhan

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