Mitanni Mares

by Gustave Tiger

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released September 24, 2013

produced by Gustave Tiger:

Dorozsmai Gergő - Mezősi Péter - Szabó Csaba

recorded at Tom-Tom Studio, Budapest 2013

music: Gustave Tiger: 1-6, Venom: 7
lyrics: Gergő: 1, 3, 5 Csaba: 2,4

featuring Szurcsik Erika - vocals on Countess Bathory

album cover by Mezősi Péter


all rights reserved


Track Name: Jeunesse Dorée
I lived to see my world going down, so I said now I'll write my book of dying. Nowhere I found enough to write, so I took some poison and lay back in the light. And I found myself in a village green, with all my fathers buried there, five fathom deep. And one said "Hey boy, you're going down, down the same road we took, into the ground".

Dora, Dora, Dora, I was always meant to tell you, I was weak and I was lying I wasted all my stupid life on trying to be someone else.

Then I rose serenely and forgot how to speak knew my words long ago, they all turned so weak, then I saw Dora flying above the fields and knew my book of dying just became complete
Track Name: Eutropius
diaria febris, nihil agis, supraletalis, hora incerta, eutropius, taenaros
eiectamentum, cithaeron, mal de mer, robespierre, mal de mer, pantagruel
Track Name: Thompson Springs
Oil on my hands and blood in my eyes, every street and every sleeping house is mine tonight and they've got not much time. Every house marked, I do my final round, dawn comes too soon here for everyone, all devoured by the city of the sun.
Start the engine, light a cigarette, two blondes waiting front the laundromat, never made it out of Thompson Springs. I built this town now this is my perfect gift, the clearest morning this land has ever seen, all devoured by the city of the sun.
Track Name: Mitanni Mares
panic on the streets of hattusa, the people of the nation huddling in darkness, how does it affect our society? i am the sun, lonelier than a pelican, meet me in the cloister of mar awgin, pave the way for the blooming gods of anatolia, xenophon in athens sadly observed: kings of tabal don’t ride on starry mitanni mares, i am the sun, lonelier than a pelican, and shall I venture to exchange my lot?, my arteries are clogged by radon and vacuum, it’s a sentimental bourgeois funeral
Track Name: The Last Temptation Of Gustave Tiger
I am temptation the last of Gustave Tiger
I am Chimera melt out of black air

Lay back on my tongue soft and silke moist flesh
You are inside me you are the tiger

We to waters go rivers are fire
We to cities go cities are fire

People bow down now they bow to the white sun
I am their hunger Emperor of the Sun

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