New Light of Myanmar

by Gustave Tiger

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released April 19, 2018

track 01: written and performed by Gustave Tiger
track 02: written by Sol Invictus, performed by Gustave Tiger

Szurcsik Erika - lead vocals, backing vocals
Dorozsmai Gergely - lead guitar, synths, backing vocals
Szabó Sz. Csaba - guitars, synths, backing vocals
Hó Márton - bass
Fekete Dávid - drums

Produced by Dorozsmai Gergely and Szabó Sz. Csaba

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Dorozsmai Gergely

album cover by Szurcsik Erika


all rights reserved


Track Name: New Light of Myanmar
She wore a blue hat, Mirovian blue

She loved sunny days and the downfall of nations

’Futile existence’ – with passion she said

Under white birches, under the dead


She wore a red dress, a terror red dress

She loved rainy days and collapsing new buildings

’New Light of Myanmar’ – with passion she said

Under the palm trees, under the dead


Ride into the darkness, out of the trees

Enjoy doom and death or summer breeze

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